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the-night-has-wings asked:

You know why don't we ever send messages through tumblr? like we really should still do the skype thing and ideally I would love to talk to you over the phone a lot more but I'm on tumblr quite a bit and any more conversation with you would be just gravy for me ^^

I don’t know! Sometimes my inbox glitches up a bit and doesn’t tell me when I have messages, but I’ll start checking it whenever I log on C: Do you  follow your URL tag?

whatthefreak4272 asked:

Fun story about my URL: in elementary everyone would call me the "freak" and if someone called me by name to one of the kids in my class they would go "what, the freak?" So this is kinda my way of reclaiming that, in a sense... And yes, beautiful Asian men is a fandom. Someday I will teach you the ways. :D

Omg, that is a really great reclaiming story. I can just hear you saying it, voice dripping in sass. Aha, I consider myself apart of the beautiful people fandom lol. I appreciate, yet envy all the kpop guys that are prettier then me haha.

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